Though truly a tiny town, in the words of Lonely Planet ‘If you’re a beer appreciator you shouldn’t miss this place; it is now the cellar door for every microbrewery beer in Tasmania’. With a rich history as a significant cultural centre for the Chinese Tin Miners of the late 1800’s Weldborough is another stop on the Trail of the Tin Dragon. Visit the historic cemetery and burning tower or see historic relics at the historic hotel. Ideally situated for walking and MTB riding on the Blue Tier, it’s also a great place to fossick for gemstones with Topaz, Sapphires, Red Zircons, Black Spinel (Black Jack) all to be found in alluvial deposits.

Travel time to and from Launceston Airport (via Scottsdale):  1 hour, 50 min.  Derby – 20 min.

Travel time to and from Launceston Airport (via St Helens) – 1 hour 40 min.  Derby – 20 min.

What to Do:

  • MTB Riding
  • Weldborough Hotel – MicroBru Experience
  • Walks
  • Trail of the Tin Dragon
  • Gemstone fossicking

Chinese Burning Tower Weldborough


Weldborough Hotel