Trail Closures

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The Blue Derby Network is open all year round! Occasionally we need to close trails due to weather and/or maintenance tasks. Weather closures are a rare occurrence and typically only occur for about 48 hours or less, due to extremely adverse conditions or a major event.

The Blue Tier Wilderness Ride, and related trails, are currently closed for a winter rebuild. The anticipated completion and opening date is late September 2023 (pending weather). Although the Blue Tier trailhead is closed, the main network trailhead in Derby remains open 7 days per week.

The Blue Derby network is open all year round, and all trails except these listed below remain open and ready to ride. The network contains over 125km of dedicated singletrack with more than 35 trails!

TrailDate ClosedAnticipated Opening Date
Air Ya Garn UPPER (LOWER is still open)30th October 20233rd November 2023
Lower Hazy Days13th June 2023Late November 2023
Atlas Climb Link (from Dambusters)9th October 2023To be advised
Note: Atlas remains OPEN in full