Mountain Bike Specific Remote Area First Aid Course - Derby

Survive First Aid will be holding a Mountain Bike specific Remote Area First Aid course in Derby (Tasmania) from January 10-13, 2018.

This course will be run over 4 days, is supported by Blue Derby Trails/Dorset Council and delivered by MTBikers, for MTBikers!! It will have a dedicated focus on addressing the injuries and logistical considerations that almost every mountain biker comes across from time-to-time, including how to deal with major trauma and complicated extrications.

The majority of the course will be delivered in the field...which means plenty of play time on Derby’s sweet, sweet trails!

All course participants will come away with nationally-recognised qualifications in CPR, Asthma, Anaphylaxis and Responding to Emergencies in Remote Areas (see full list below).

For further details and to register for the course visit the Survive First Aid Website  

Positions on the course will fill fast, so get in quick!