Five ‘must-not-miss’ sections of the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails

Planning to ride Blue Derby? Then make sure you hit our five top sections of this world-acclaimed mountain bike trail.

1. Big Chook (Grade: Intermediate) Big Chook is a fun loop trail that starts and finishes at the Weldborough pub (yes, how handy). From Weldborough, ride up Emu Road (the old school fire trail that gives the trail its name) and then hook onto Big Chook at the top for the descent back to town. Great berms and some nice sections of rainforest are highlights of this trail.

Big Chook

Big Chook: Image - The Radavist


2. Twisties (Grade: Easy) There’s a good reason why this awesome section of tight switchbacks has become the poster boy for the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails. This piece of trail building genius from World Trail is one of the standout (and most impressive-looking) features of Axehead, a main access route for the Blue Derby network. Looping like a snake through the landscape, this is a great section to ride, no matter whether you’re at beginner or expert level.

Blue Derby Twisties

Blue Derby Twisties: Image - Blue Derby Pods Ride


3. Big Mama (Grade: Intermediate) A feature of the Krushka trail (named after pioneering tin miners, the Krushka brothers) Big Mama is a massive tree, growing among a slab of granite ridges that overlooks Derby. When you hit Big Mama, just after the De La Vue lookout, the climb is all behind you and you can get ready for a super-fun descent full of berms, rainforest, sneaky lookouts and flow.

Big Mama

Big Mama: Image - Flow


4. Return to Sender (Grade: Intermediate/Difficult) This new section of trail twists up along Long Shadows and Upper Long Shadows through incredible areas of rainforest (or, you can shuttle to the top and then ride down!). The big, deep berms are a major highlight of this trail, which descends to Derby and deposits you at the town post office—hence the name! 

Post Office

Post Office (finish of Return To Sender): Image - Flow


5. Blue Tier Descent (Grade: Intermediate) Starting at Poimena, at the top of the Blue Tier, this amazing trail drops for around 25 kilometres, all the way down to Weldborough. Brilliant riding through mossy old growth rainforest, heathland, rocky sections, and a bit of uphill here and there. And at the end, beers await at the Weldborough pub!

Blue Tier

The top of the Blue Tier: Image - The Radavist

So there you have it. Five awesome encounters on the Blue Derby Mountain Biking Trail Network that you just have to get out there and ride for yourself to understand how great they are.

Eat, drink, stay, play

After you’ve hit all those trails, you’re going to be hungry and tired. Lucky for you there’s loads of great places to eat, drink and stay just a short drive from the trails, in and around Derby, St Helens, Weldborough and along the east coast

One of these great options is St Helens—a neat 30-minute drive from the Blue Tier, and about 40 minutes from Weldborough. There are plenty of cafes, bistros and restaurants here to kick back and refuel, and you’ll also find heaps of places to stay, from budget motels to beachy cottages and lush hotel rooms, (hello, spa baths). It’s definitely worth tacking on a few days at either end of your ride to chill out on the coast over summer and get down to some focused eating, drinking, relaxing and playing. To find out more about St Helens, (and check out the local events calendar while you’re at it) visit