Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series

Round 1, 10-11 November 2018

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The Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails will host the first Continental Series for the Asia-Pacific series.

The Continental Series races will feed into a new Global EWS points structure, allowing EWS members to gain EWS ranking points. Ranking points can also be earned through the Qualifier Races and these will be combined with any Continental and main EWS races competed in to give an overall EWS ranking.

The riders who earn the most points in each of the series will be awarded the corresponding title, i.e. North American Enduro Champion, European Enduro Champion and Asia-Pacific Enduro Champion.

110-11 November 2018Derby, Tasmania, Australia
21-2 December 2018Mt Buller, Australia
39-10 February 2019Nelson, New Zealand
416 February 2019Christchurch, New Zealand