National Broadband Network

Scottsdale was among the first three towns in Australia to be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and has fixed wireless and fibre to the premises services available. Dorset is at the forefront of development opportunities provided by the digital age.

Not only has the NBN provided benefits to education and medical services, but it's provided another layer to local businesses keen to capitalise on the opportunity to connect to broader markets and take their place in the world of e-commerce.

For local art gallery owners, Rod Martin and Shirley Rootes-Martin "The NBN has enabled us to market our business, send photos and pictures and develop links with Tasmania's artist community."

Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe

For some, the transition has enabled a lifestyle change, relocating from mainland cities to work remotely to enjoy the best of both worlds!


NBN Case Study - Galloways Pharmacy