Mountain Bikes and Rail Trails

Blue Derby MTB Trails

The BlueDerby MTB Project is a $3.1m joint initiative between Dorset and Break O'Day Councils, assisted by a $2.5m grant from  the Federal Government to construct an 80km network of trails at Derby and the adjacent Blue Tier Forest Reserve in the stunningly beautiful North East corner of Tasmania.

Stage 1 of the all new 80km network of world class single track MTB trails in and around the historic town of Derby, North East Tasmania was launched with over 20km right on schedule on February 7th, 2015, with a further 13km completed and opened in readiness for the Australian XC Marathon MTB Championships, 'Dance with the Devil', held at Derby on 15th - 17th May, 2015.

Construction work continues at Derby and will shortly commence on the iconic Blue Tier, well known to local riders for the annual Blue Dragon Challenge event.

Blue Derby

North East Rail Trail

The North East Rail Trail commenced with a project by the Rotary Club of Scottsdale, converting around 18km of the old North East Railway line from Tonganah, near Scottsdale, to the top of the Billycock Hill.

A further 10 km section is nearing completion to link the rail trail to Scottsdale to provide a total of 28 km of very pleasant riding or walking trail with numerous features along the way, both man made in the form of the rock cuttings and old railway sidings, and natural as it winds its way through various terrain from farmland to rainforest at a vry managable average 2.4% gradient.

An additional project to convert around 70 km of disused railway line between Launceston and Scottsdale, connecting with current trail, is to be commenced meaning cyclists and walkers will be able to sip, savor, and explore as they meander along a total of 100km through some of the State’s most picturesque villages, farmland, vineyards, art galleries, cafes, farmgate experiences and much more.

The North East Rail Trail will pass through the rural hamlets of Karoola, Lalla, Lilydale, Tunnel, Lebrina, Nabowla, Lietinna, Scottsdale and onto Billycock Hill. The trail will also include an 1888-constructed 840-metre-long tunnel; a unique feature that is the envy of rail trail managers around the world.