Primarily a logging and sawmilling community, Branxholm nestles in a valley alongside the Ringarooma River, surrounded by rolling hills, rich dairy pastures and large tracts of hop fields. Branxholm also has a rich Tin Mining history and was the site of some conflict between European & Chinese miners.


  • (Pop. 207)
  • Travel time to and from - Launceston Airport – 1 hr, 30min; Derby - 5 minutes

Dairy Cattle Branxholm


What to Do:

Take a walk along the Great Briseis Water Race walk, an amazing feat of engineering touted at the time to be the largest project of its kind ever undertaken in Australia.  48km of hand built race bringing water from Ringarooma, through Branxholm to supply the Briesis Tin Mine at Derby with four metre deep cuttings through solid rock, sections of original stonewalling, remains of the timber trestle fluming structures and many other insights into the character of those who undertook this mighty task.  No fees, open always.

Great Briesis Water Race

One of the historic sites along the Trail of the Tin Dragon, the Red Bridge in the centre of Branxholm marks the site of Tasmania’s only race riot, commemorating the confrontation of European and Chinese Tin Miners in a fevered boilover for mining rights during the heyday of North East Tasmania’s frantic Tin Rush.  Read this and other stories on the Trail of the Tin Dragon marker at the top of the hill.

 Trail of the Tin Dragon Branxholm