Arts, Crafts and Culture

We’re fortunate in having a strong and diverse Arts Community in Dorset! Our region is home to numerous well recognised and accomplished artists and artisans, but there are also numerous avenues for amateurs and hobbyists, and community arts organisations.

From traditional arts through to writing groups and amateur theatre ...We’ve galleries, co-ops and craft shops...there’s even a ukulele group! The annual Rotary Dorset Arts Festival on the June long weekend includes the North East Arts & Crafts Exhibition and the Dorset Quilters Exhibition, photography competitions, demonstrations, and much more drawing crowds and participants from all corners of Tasmania!

History buffs will love our unique Tin Mining history, both on the ground and at and local history groups have a wonderful pictorial display of our pioneering and timber industry background.

Want to know more? or visit Dorset Council website to find other groups and contacts.

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